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So, who am I and what's this blog is all about?

I'm a guy from Finland, from the land of northern lights and reindeers. I have this fixation with long distance cycling and it doesn't seem to vanish for the foreseeable future, so I might as well just talk about it. Pretty much endlessly too.

Welcome to my blog, I'm keen on sharing my upcoming journeys with you.

What's long distance cycling?

Generally speaking when I talk about long distance cycling I mean travelling more than 200 kilometers by bicycle. On this blog I will talk about my experiences on long distance cycling, sharing some tips how to make it more enjoyable as well as just simply stories from the road. Believe or not, when on the road lots of things can happen!

Beautiful views are one of the reasons I ride

What do I need to start long distance cycling?

Glad you asked, I will make this a separate blog post in the future but to summarize it:

Nothing special. Obviously you'll need a bicycle. The one you have already will be fine assuming it's the right size for you and you're comfortable riding it. You'll need some practise too, don't just go and try to mash 500 kilometers without any experience. You don't need to be super fit or anything like that but you do need to have some idea what you're going to undergo on a journey like that.

You will need to learn how to fix the most common mechanical issues with your bicycle. How to change inner tubes and how to fix an inner tube. Also it's good to know how to fix problems related to gearing (cables, indexing etc.) and how to fix a snapped chain. These are the most important ones, more about this topic on a blog post in the near future.

Another important thing is to get your nutrition right, especially during the ride. It's very important to remember to eat enough even if you're not feeling like you should. Bonking is something you want to try to avoid at all costs.

Lastly I recommend you to purchase some bicycle bags. Panniers or more "modern" bikepacking bags, it does not matter. The idea is to avoid the need to carry a backpack. Personally I use frame bags as well as handlebar bags depending on do I need sleeping gear with me or not.

Start slowly increasing the distance step by step. Once you can comfortably ride 50 kilometers you might want to jump to something like 100 kilometers and so on. 

So, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!



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