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How to find motivation for cycling

It might be sometimes hard to get motivated to go for a ride. It's all fine when you start because usually you have a lot of roads to see and routes to ride. After riding these same routes for multiple times they might become boring. Especially if the rides are not very long distance ones.

Roads can get boring

However, I have some tips on how I keep things meaningful. Fortunately, on long distance riding it's possible to vary the routes in multiple ways to make them more interesting. However it does not matter how long you're going to ride, you'll have to leave from your home and ride all those familiar roads for sometime until you find something new.

How do I keep things interesting?

Usually I try to find (using a map) some beautiful places to go and see. They can be beautiful views, old caves, churches, bridges or something like "what's the smallest town where I could ride to?". Possibilities are endless really. Of course it's also possible to take a train and travel somewhere and ride back from there.

It's all about gathering stories to tell.

Another great thing is to ride when the weather is bad. May it be a thunderstorm, heavy rain and whatnot. That will give you a challenge. Challenge of endurance, challenge of overcoming yourself. It's also plain fun and will give you stories to tell. Stories are one of the most important things one can have.

What will my next ride to be alike?

My next trip will be 260 kilometers ride to see an abandoned homestead. During that ride there are also multiple other places I want to visit, such as an old wolf pit which was used back in 18th century. This ride will include about 40 kilometers of gravel roads with nothing but forests around. These kind of things will turn the trip into an adventure! 260 kilometers is also long enough for the weather to change suddenly.

For sure there will be a blog post about this ride, with pictures of course.



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